Organic Arabica Green Coffee Whole Beans

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Gluten-Free ☆ Kosher ☆ Natural ☆ Vegan ☆ Raw ☆ Vegetarian
These Organic Arabica Green Coffee are raw, unroasted whole coffee beans like the ones used to make normal coffee. Coffee beans are a great source of chlorogenic acid which is known for its weight loss properties. However, roasting coffee beans can destroy this acid.  

How to Use

It is recommended to take 800mg 2x per day about 30 min before big meals.

The Chlorogenic Acid naturally found in Green Coffee has been found to inhibit the release of glucose into the blood, particularly after meals, and appears to help people lose weight as a result. This is why you take it before meals, so it’s working right after your meal.

Shelf Life and Storage Instructions:
Whole beans
Unopened: 6-9 months
Unopened in Freezer: 2-3 years
Opened: 6 months
Opened in Freezer: 2yrs
Ground beans
Unopened: 3-5 months
Unopened in Freezer: 1-2 years
Opened: 3-5 months
Opened in Freezer: 3-5 months